Kids Spot Forster is the perfect birthday party venue for boys & girls aged between 0 – 14 years of age. 

Why hold your child's party at Kids Spot?

  • They get 2hr of running around, being crazy with all their friends.

  • They have an entire room of activities, games and fun.

  • They can invite anywhere from 8-30 friends.

  • At $13 a child, it is an affordable way to help make any birthday party dreams come true.

  • You can come, conquer and go back to a tidy house - no need to spend hours cleaning up afterwards!

  • We are birthday party food friendly!

  • There is ample seating/space for you and other parents, friends and family to comfortably relax and watch.

  • The birthday boy or girl gets to put their handprint on one of kids spot birthday walls, something  that has proven to be extremely popular with children.

This is part of many walls at Kids Spot filled with handprints!

Party Times :

We are open for parties Tuesday-Sunday.

  • Daytime parties can be held at either 10am/12pm/2pm (minimum 8 children)

  • Afternoon parties are held from 2:30pm (minimum 15 children)

  • Disco parties are held from 5pm (minimum 20 children)

Cost includes :

$13 per child

  • 2hrs venue hire

  • Kid spot invitations

  • Cheezels, popcorn, unlimited jugs of cordial

  • Hand print on the wall (for the birthday boy/girl only)*

  • Complimentary coffee for the parents of the birthday child

  • Menu choice of either:

   1. Hot dogs

   2. Mini frankfurts and hot chips

   3. Pies, chicken nuggets and hot chips

   4. Sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and hot chips

*One thing Kids Spots is well know for is their birthday handprint walls! When a party is held at Kids Spot the birthday child gets to paint their hand and place it on the wall with their name.

No fuss, no clean up and guaranteed fun!